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This Website contains copyrighted proprietary educational information about important issues. 

You may review this information only if you agree to the following Terms of Use.  


      1.  The information presented in the various departments of this Website is proprietary

educational information only; it is not advice of any type (accounting, legal, medical, etc.) and

you agree that this information will not be construed as advice, by you or by your agent or



      2.  Any disagreement or dispute that may arise regarding information presented in this Website

or a membership in Americans4Justice shall be resolved in Greenville County, South Carolina, in

timely manner with a responsible attempt by the parties to minimize expenses for the parties involved.


The complaining member or party will first identify their complaint in writing to the other party, and they

will mutually attempt to resolve the dispute in a fair and reasonable manner for all parties involved. 

If a mutual agreement cannot be reached in this  manner, the complaining member may in fact have their

membership in Americans4Justice terminated. This situation will be fair and equitable if the complaining

member has acted in an unfair or unreasonable manner toward Americans4Justice personnel during

their reasonable and responsible efforts to resolve the dispute issues with the complaining member. 

Refund of membership fees that have been paid may be considered, but it is understood that

the information provided to a member pursuant to their voluntary membership in Americans4Justice

is very valuable proprietary educational information that cannot be removed from the member's mind

forever, and this means that a refund of membership fees is clearly not an equitable situation for the

company ( Americans4Justice, operating as a subsidiary of ABC's of Health, Inc. )


     3.  If it is becomes necessary to resolve said dispute in a more formal manner, binding arbitration

shall be the only formal dispute resolution option available to the parties of said dispute - using

well established arbitration rules and procedures.   If such an event should occur, all arbitration

 proceedings will be conducted in Greenville County, South Carolina at a time and place that is

reasonable and mutually agreeable to the parties involved.  It is expressly agreed that each party to said

dispute will pay for their own arbitration representation expenses and costs, unless the member's initial

complaint is shown to be frivolous (no reasonable basis for the complaint).  In that event, the party

initiating the dispute and arbitration resolution procedure will be required to pay all reasonable arbitration

expenses and costs of the defending party, and will pay said expenses and costs in a prompt and timely

 manner (within 10 days of the settlement decision notice).    


     4.  The appropriate South Carolina Court in Greenville County (circuit court, county court, or

 magistrate court, as appropriate) shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute regarding the

 failure of a party to complete timely payment of said arbitration settlement decision.  In the event

 that judicial action becomes necessary to collect the debt owed, the delinquent party expressly agrees to

pay for the reasonable attorney fees and costs that are expended in the attempted collection of said

arbitration settlement debt.  Any debt involved shall accrue interest at the rate of 12%, or the maximum

 amount allowed by current legal standards in the appropriate local court in South Carolina, starting on the

 first day of said debt delinquency (the 11th day after the arbitration settlement decision was noticed to the

parties involved). 


     If you do not accept these reasonable Terms of Use, you are prohibited from reviewing the information

contained in this Website and you are specifically prohibited from using any of the information presented

in this Website in any manner or for any purpose.  In this event, you are also not authorized to print any

information presented in this Website and are hereby specifically prohibited from doing so.


     We appreciate your kind and reasonable consideration regarding the very important educational

objectives expressed in this Website. 


Lonnie Willoughby, founder and director of, a subsidiary of ABC's of

Health, Inc., a South Carolina Corporation ( see ) 

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