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     Americans4Justice is an independent educational organization located in Greenville County, South Carolina (in the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains).  Our member will have access to a variety of very important educational programs that can help them acquire exceptionally important knowledge, especially in the six areas listed below.

      1.  Health, Nutrition,  and Personal Hygiene - Education Project.  This vital information is incredibly important because it can enable an American patriot to greatly improve their health and the health of immediate family members (same household) and may even enable a patriot to save their life and/or the life of family members from infections by pathogenic bacteria and/or viruses. 

      Members are provided with very valuable guidance to help them learn how to achieve an improved lifestyle in the areas of health, nutrition, and personal hygiene.  They obtain access to health secrets that can be life-changing and life-saving for many members.   Members can learn how to increase  energy and vitality and extend one's potential for a long and healthy life by many years.  

      This vital health care information can be worth tens of thousands of dollars at a minimum.  In fact, this health information can be worth more than any amount of money because vibrant health cannot be purchased like a product (automobile, home, TV, etc.).  Long-term vibrant health with minimized disease potential is possible with vital health knowledge that is applied properly.  No amount of money can take the place of this vital health knowledge.   Consequently, this vital health knowledge is worth more than all the money on the planet.

       2.   Holistic Healthcare Freedom - Education Project.  Members learn about the responsible patriotic actions that are essential to expand and improve availability of holistic health care services in the States that still prohibit these very beneficial services (most States).  We help members understand how the powerful medical profession and pharmaceutical industry combine their political influence to dominate and effectively control which health care services are "legal" in most States.  Members can learn about the limitations and restrictions that prevent open access to holistic health care services in most States

      Our members learn about the political actions that patriotic voters need to take in each state to help improve availability of holistic health care services,  holistic health care information and related health care products.

      Helping improve the availability of holistic health care services in all states is one of the major objectives of Americans4Justice.

      3.  Estate Planning and Financial Planning - Education Project.  Members can obtain vital estate planning information regarding wills, trusts, etc. and learn how they can accomplish needed estate planning at reduced cost.  This valuable information can help many families save thousands of dollars in legal fees and can also help minimize estate taxes for wealthy members.  Members can also learn about Financial Planning opportunities.

      4.  Judicial Improvement and Reform - Education Project.  Members of A4J learn why it is  very easy for  judicial systems to operate in an extremely unfair, unethical, arrogant, pompous, self-serving "elitist" manner.  Members also learn why any judicial system in America can be corrupted easily by any judge at will (any time they choose).  Consequently, members understand why they should try to avoid being a litigant in extremely expensive self-serving judicial systems that can easily function as ruthless extortions rackets.  Members learn to avoid the judiciary like they would try to avoid getting AIDS or other serious diseases.  Lon learned that the judiciary can easily wreck a person's life in an extremely unfair, unethical manner.

      Members gain access to  exceptionally important information about how the judicial systems in America really work,   Members can learn how judges have betrayed, in an extremely unfair self-serving manner, the sacred public trust placed in "self-regulating" judicial systems. 

      Members also learn how to help us take effective patriotic actions that can produce a much better judicial system in each State and in the federal court systems throughout the United States of America.  We want  judicial systems that are required to operate with a reasonable level of fairness and impartiality for all litigants, irrespective of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, or social status

      Members learn about the full rights, power, and authority of educated jurors.  They learn the truth about the rights of jurors (can they judge the law and the facts?).   They learn how to be a good juror because it is very important for patriots to fulfill this exceptionally important citizen's duty. 

      The right to a jury trial is misunderstood by many Americans.  There are many situations where a civil litigation litigant does not have a right to a jury trial.  The right to a jury trial is usually dependent upon common law standards.   Members learn about situations where they have a right to a jury trial, rather than a bench trial (where a jury is not allowed).  

      5.  Political System Improvement - Education Project.  Members learn practical, useful, and vital  political information that will empower them to become better citizens and more effective patriots.  A massive Patriot Team can substantially improve the political system. 

      Working as a Patriot Team across America, our "educated members" can become a very powerful political force for good to help restore the American Dream that has been severely damaged and diminished in the past thirty years by enemies or our American Republic.

      6.  Home-based Business Opportunity Projectwe have an amazing business opportunity that is very easy to accomplish, is dignified and emotionally rewarding, and it takes very little time or effort to earn very generous Referral Fee Awards by simply referring people to this web site.

+ + + + +  Holistic Health Care Freedom Project   + + + + +

     A4J provides leadership and guidance that can help members learn about the availability of holistic health care services in their State and also learn how to help improve the availability of holistic health care services in their State, if said State has not already updated their statutory laws to allow holistic health care services. 

      A few states have updated their laws but most States are still operating with antiquated laws that prohibit holistic health  care services by anyone except licensed medical doctors.  This situation enables medical profession personnel to enjoy a monopoly for health care services and holistic healthcare information distribution by prohibiting (criminalizing)  holistic health care services by colon therapist, health store sales consultants, herbalists, homeopathic physicians, iridologist, naturopathic physicians, nutrition consultants, and other forms of non-medical doctor holistic health care services. 

      The unfair and unreasonable nature of this "medical monopoly" is demonstrated clearly when State medical boards discourage medical doctors from using alternative, complementary, or integrative holistic health care practices, protocols, or related healthcare products.  Some state medical boards have severely punished medical doctors who provided holistic health care services for patients, including suspending their license to practice medicine.  

      This is a very important issue that every freedom-loving patriot needs to know about so they can effectively support a health care reform program in their state. Your continued good health and well-being will likely depend upon holistic health care services and/or knowledge at some point in your life.  The health of most adults could be improved substantially by utilizing holistic health care services and practices on a routine basis.  Consequently, it is very important for us to educate our members about vital holistic health care knowledge.

      Holistic health care considers the body as a complex integrated unit and recognizes that trying to improve conditions at one point in the body will generally affect other functions in the body.  It is therefore very important to use therapeutic agents carefully (herbs, homeopathic remedies, medicines, etc.), with the whole body outcome taken into consideration.  Holistic health care does not just treat the symptoms; it strives to correct the underlying root cause of a health problem. 

    Medical profession personnel can perform  amazing, remarkable, and absolutely wonderful feats to help people with many adverse health conditions, and we want our members to respect and appreciate the many fine men and women who dedicate their lives to helping people cope with health challenges.  However, it is very clear that medical profession personnel are not  trained to provide all of the diverse health care services that people need. 

      We believe the public will be better served when we have more health care freedom in each State for holistic health care practitioners, services, and products, and this increased freedom will help ensure that medical profession personnel will be allowed to utilize alternative, complementary, and/or integrative healthcare services, procedures, and products whenever they could be beneficial to the patient's health. We strive to educate voters throughout America about the need for more holistic health care freedom, and also educate them about the responsible patriotic actions that need to be taken so millions of patriotic voters can make it happen, one State at the time.


+ + + +  Judicial Improvement & Reform Project   + + + +


     Lon Willoughby, the founder and director of Americans4Justice, is 79 years of age.  He has acquired a lot of first-hand experience with the judicial systems (state and federal), having spent more than 15,000 hours conducting legal research, drafting and writing legal briefs for trial court actions and appellate court actions, and actually litigating in trial courts and appellate courts.  Lon has litigated pro se (representing himself - without benefit of attorney assistance) before several trial court judges, and he has conducted fourteen (14) appeal cases, proceeding  pro se of necessity.


Why Should Patriots Be Concerned About the Judiciary?

     During the past twenty+ years, Lon was involved in some form of litigation continuously from March 1989 until 2010.   He has had as many as three cases in litigation at the same time, while needing to work in his health and wellness store business 60 to 90 hours per week. 

     Over a period of 20+ years, Lon repeatedly reported and exposed, in detailed legal briefs, several outrageously unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions  that Lon was subjected to in an abusive, harassing, and ruthless manner.  He also reported some of those actions to appropriate state and federal law enforcement agencies.  In general, Lon's legitimate complaints were ignored by all of the law enforcement agencies, state and federal, apparently because judges and attorneys were the alleged perpetrators of said actions. 

     Law enforcement agencies summarily refused to evaluate the evidentual reports and evidentiary documents that Lon tried to present to them.   He found that the "elitist status of judges and other attorneys" provided them with automatic immunity and protection from complaints about unfair, unethical, and/or criminal litigation actions.  This extremely unfair situation  made it impossible for Lon to get any law enforcement agency to initiate a responsible investigation of his legitimate complaints. 

     Lon's detailed reports were also ignored by trial judges and appellate judges, even though his reports were made in a diligent and responsible manner.  Trial court  judges and appellate court judges repeatedly ignored Lon's detailed legal briefs that reported and exposed a heinous criminal conspiracy, by a defendant (trial attorney) and a series of trial court judges (7) to perpetrate extremely unfair and unethical litigation actions against Lon Willoughby, proceeding  pro se of necessity over a period of 14+ years - for direct and proximate financial, social, and  career benefits to the extremely unfair and unethical defendant attorney, and his law firm.

     Lon learned that it is very easy for the judicial systems in America to operate like a good ol' boys club, conducting litigations in an extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt manner any time "they" please, for their own financial, political, and social benefits, to the financial detriment of trusting litigants who naively get involved in this extremely expensive, dangerous,  hazardous, frustrating, and very time consuming (time wasting?) "judicial" system.

     The extensive litigation experiences that Lon was ruthlessly subjected to over a period of fifteen years enabled him to see first-hand, on numerous occasions, that the judicial systems in America are so inherently self-serving and corrupt that they can easily qualify as a form of organized crime.  Based upon those revealing litigation experiences, Lon is convinced that the judicial systems in America are as corrupt, in a self-serving manner, as exceptionally intelligent, well educated judges and other attorneys can make them.

      Lon has acquired an abundance of documentary evidence that proves convincingly, beyond a reasonable doubt, that any judiciary can easily operate for the self-serving financial benefit of the "legal brotherhood" rather than dispensing justice to trusting and naive litigants in a fair and impartial manner.

      Lon is therefore determined to help a lot of American patriots learn about:

      1.  the outrageously unfair and unethical self-serving judicial actions that were taken against him systematically over a period of 15+ years, in a ruthless manner, through the state courts and through the federal courts, all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court twice.  He will use the well documented history of those outrageously unfair and unethical judicial actions, and the pattern of judicial corruption that those judicial records expose, to show the exceptionally urgent need  for very important changes in our judicial systems and  

      2.  the vital changes that need to be made in our judicial systems, at the state level and the federal level, to help ensure that the judicial systems in America will be improved greatly as soon as possible (ASAP). 

      Is it possible for Patriots across America to join together with sufficient coordinated efforts to succeed in a noble crusade to improve the judicial systems in America?  Lon believes that it will be possible to accomplish the needed changes when millions of patriotic-minded Americans have been educated about the extremely unfair and unethical self-serving manner in which judges and other attorneys have betrayed the public trust of  Americans.  We will educate our members about the outrageously unfair and unethical self-serving judicial tactics that are easily used in the courtrooms of America.  Our members will have access to effective action plans and well designed programs that can bring about substantial improvements in the judicial systems in America.  

      In essence, patriotic-minded Americans need to be educated about the "judicial and prosecutorial problem" and the best solution to correct this problem.  Our members learn why we need to begin working together in a national team effort to amend the Constitutions of each State appropriately to provide authorization for  special  grand juries that will have authority to review complaints, conduct evaluations, and prosecute unfair/unethical judges and/or unfair/unethical prosecutors/solicitors.   This is the best way, and the only practical way, to ensure that the judicial systems will have sufficient "motivation" to provide fair and impartial judicial forums and focus attention on dispensing much more justice than they currently accomplish using the extremely self-serving judicial system procedures that are "allowed" today (do they frequently qualify as a trial attorney extortion racket?). 

      Lon's extensive litigation experiences enabled him to see the glaring deficiencies of the modern day judicial systems.  His association with helped him understand the most effective way to accomplish the changes that need to be made at the state and federal levels to enable a much better judicial system than the system that has evolved over the past 200+ years in an extremely self-serving manner for direct and proximate benefits to members of the elitist "legal brotherhood."  

     You can read about Lon's extremely aggravating, frustrating, and expensive experiences with an extremely corrupt self-serving "judicial system" by going to the Judicial Reform section of this web site. 

      Lon's understanding of the best solutions available to improve the judicial system came from his association with outstanding patriotic groups that are working on very important projects related to these vital judicial issues. You can visit the web site for these organizations with the links provided below.


     Our Americans4Justice programs can provide substantial help and support to these two outstanding patriotic organizations.


Coordination of Patriotic Groups Throughout America


     Working together with numerous patriotic organizations is a key part of our strategy to greatly improve the effectiveness of the patriotic movement in the United States.  A membership in our patriotic organization can provide tremendous advantages and benefits to each of their members. This situation will greatly improve their ability to be healthy  and  effective patriots for more years (due to extended life spans from our health enhancement education programs).  Within a few years, we could help millions of American patriots substantially improve their health and their effectiveness as patriots.  This is the ambitious and bold objective that Lon sees clearly for Americans4Justice

      He understands that the sinister enemies of freedom and justice in America are gaining strength and more self-serving control over all Americans as each day goes by.  Consequently, it is very important for us to move forward with our educational programs as quickly as possible. 

      In order to accomplish our various educational objectives, we will  utilize the infrastructure of several other well-established companies in our educational programs.  Two of those companies are PrePaid Legal Services, Inc. (Ada, Oklahoma), and Natures Sunshine, located in Utah.  

      PrePaid Legal Services, Inc. (PPL) has excellent legal services membership plans that are an outstanding value.  Lon has been associated with PrePaid Legal, Inc. as an independent sales representative since December 1984 so he is very familiar with the company and the vital membership plans that they have developed.  You can take an interesting tour of PrePaid Legal Services, Inc. by visiting ABC's PPL web site at:

      Natures Sunshine has excellent health training programs available that will be ideal for our members.  Lon has worked with Natures Sunshine Company, as an independent representative, for about seven years.  Lon is proud of this wonderful company and the excellent healthcare products and training materials and programs that Natures Sunshine has developed over a period of 30+ years. You can visit this remarkable company by using ABC's  web site at:

       Several other very good companies will provide additional products and/or services for our members, on an as needed basis (members choose products and/or services they want).  Additional information about these companies will be posted at this web site as soon as we have all the details worked out for our members.  A brief sampling of some additional patriotic organizations are listed below.

      Care Entree provides a very special membership opportunity that can help millions of people save money on the cost of health care services.  This is not a medical insurance plan.  It is a medical savings program that accesses networks of healthcare providers and enables members of Care Entree programs to have the same negotiated rates that the large insurance companies have enjoyed for years. You can visit this remarkable company and learn a lot more about their services at:

      American Association for Health Freedom provides excellent leadership and guidance for numerous health related issues, including legislative issues. Visit their web site at: 

      The Coalition for Health Freedom also provides excellent leadership and guidance for important health issues and legislative issues related to health.  You can take a very interesting visit of their web site at:

        Dr. Matthias Rath, M.D. is in the forefront of the battle to stop the global ban on vitamin therapies.  Visit this web site to obtain information about CODEX Alimentarius and other important health issues.

       Our members will become well informed about numerous other patriotic groups that are doing responsible work in helping citizens protect, defend, preserve, and improve the best features of our American Republic.  You can be a part of this exciting A4J Patriot Team if you meet our qualification standards for patriots.  However, we want to introduce you to our amazing business opportunity at this time.   Get ready to get excited about this unique opportunity.  We have a plan that can really help turn the tide of history in favor of American patriots in a short period of time.


 Exciting Home-based Business Opportunity for Patriots


     An essential part of Lon's Americans4Justice  strategy  is to provide a home-based business opportunity for our members that is awesome, incredible, and remarkable. Members will be able to earn generous Referral Fee Awards for quick up-front income, and they can also earn reliable residual income that can grow and grow and grow and grow over time to become an outstanding retirement income.

      This easy and convenient business opportunity can provide financial independence for many of our members.  Select the Biz Opp. Button below to learn about our exciting Home-Based Business Opportunity that is very easy and requires only a small amount of time to develop the opportunity to earn substantial amounts of income with our generous Referral Fee Awards.


+ + + + + Summary of benefits of Membership + + + +  +


     As you have seen in your visit to this A4J information web site, we provide interesting and challenging information that will  help  educate and persuade patriotic-minded visitors to join our team of American Patriots.   Each visitor is encouraged to  review and evaluate our objectives, the very valuable educational programs that our members will have convenient access to, and our amazing home-based business opportunity.  Visitors learn that our members can select the educational programs they choose to utilize on an "as needed basis" whenever they choose to benefit from them, for themselves and/or for benefit to their immediate family members. 

      Members will have access to incredibly valuable health programs that can help them learn how to improve their personal health and lifestyle and improve their knowledge about practical "do it yourself" Holistic Health Care Information.

      Members will also have access to information and guidance that can help patriots learn how to expand and improve the availability of Holistic Health Care Freedom in America, on a state by state basis.  A few states have already made big improvements due to organized citizens' groups working diligently for passage of needed statutory law improvements.   

      Our members can also learn how to improve their Estate Planning and Financial Planning knowledge, and learn about the availability of low cost services. 

      Members will also be empowered with very valuable knowledge about:

      (1) the  Judicial Systems in America (state and federal systems), and the rights, power, and authority of well-informed jurors.   

      (2) the Political Systems at the state and federal levels and how to become a better citizen and a more effective American patriot.

      In addition to all of these valuable membership features, members can also earn generous Referral Fee Awards for simply helping other people learn about this A4J Information web site.  This very easy money can substantially improve the present and future financial stability for many members, while our coordinated Patriot Team actions are building a better American Republic for everyone in the United States of America.  

      You can obtain additional information about our amazing Home-based Business Opportunity by selecting the Biz Opp. button at the bottom of this Home Page section.

      Becoming a member of Americans4Justice can enable people to learn how to take charge of their lives and their personal healthcare in a responsible manner that is enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding.  Members will have access to very valuable information sources and programs that can enable them to  become healthier and happier people. 

      Members can become better citizens, better patriots, better employees and/or better managers of people.  they will be provided with exceptionally valuable knowledge that can help them develop a PCP Attitude - become more positive, more productive, and more constructive on a day-to-day basis.  Obviously, these very valuable personal improvements will help them enjoy life more, each day,  for the rest of their lives.  They will likely become more successful in their chosen careers and in their personal relationships with family members, friends, and business associates.     

           ACTION:  After reviewing the Business Opportunity Information, please send an Email to let us know how you feel about this educational and motivational concept for patriotic-minded Americans. Also identify the person who referred you to this web site so we can keep a record of that activity. You should make yourself a note of that referral action (name and date of referral) so you will be able to identify this information later on, if you choose to join our organization.  We will notify you by Email when we are ready to accept Membership Applications.  Thank you for your kind and patient considerations in this regard.

      May you live long and prosper well in good health  as a brave and courageous American patriot, 


Lon Willoughby, founder and director of Americans4Justice


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