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We help our members develop a better life for themselves and their family 

while we promote the development of a better country for all Americans!

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As freedom loving Americans, we are involved in a huge political battle to defend and protect our precious freedoms against powerful enemies.  Most Americans are not aware of the critical political issues involved that relentlessly attempt to subjugate Americans into a socialistic nation - where the government dominates and controls the people.  This battle has been going on for many years, and it will likely continue indefinitely.

Thank you for visiting with us.  This is our online introductory educational Website, where we help American visitors and potential members understand the importance of our educational club membership and publicize our goals and our mission statement, and share important ideas about freedom issues.  

We provide important educational services to patriotic Americans.

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Quick Summary:  You will learn that we develop and promote teamwork among our members so we

can work together in an enlightened manner to promote our objectives and our mission to freedom-loving

and patriotic-minded Americans living in the Great State of South Carolina.  We encourage our members to

help us develop a better America for all citizens in this very special country, the United States of America,

with 50 states combined into an amazing Republic that has stood the test of time for more than 239 years.



Our members work together to develop a better America for all Americans

If you are reviewing this Website for the first time, we suggest that you bookmark this site for convenient return access.  If you like our objectives and our mission projects and you want to join with us, we will review your membership application to see if you qualify for membership in this very special patriotic organization. 

New memberships are currently restricted to responsible and patriotic-minded American citizens living in the

upstate area of South Carolina with a permanent resident address having a Zip Code of 296_ _. 

Visit our sister Website at:  where you can review our related health care concepts education programs and also review our "qualified client" membership standards - see the department named Client Qualification Info to understand the basic requirements for becoming a member of A4J.
We welcome new ideas and suggestions from our members, and we value fresh enthusiasm from members who want to work more actively to help our membership grow and achieve more effectively the objectives and mission projects that we promote with this very important American patriotic organization - A Private Membership Club.

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Valuable Education Programs for Patriotic Americans 

 Americans4Justice (A4J) is an independent educational organization for patriotic-minded Americans who

truly care about protecting, defending, and preserving the best features of our American Republic.  We help

our members obtain access to vital information, helpful organizations, and important programs that can help

enable our members to become more knowledgeable American citizens and thereby become much more

effective American patriots. 


We understand that millions of freedom-loving and patriotic-minded Americans want more JUSTICE in the

court systems throughout America (state courts and federal courts), and they want more FREEDOM in the

health care systems throughout America.  Most responsible American citizens also want much more

Fairness and Justice and Reasonable Economy in our government agencies in general (with both state

and federal agencies) and especially so within our governmental social services systems

Working toward making reasonable progress in accomplishing these desirable conditions could enable

millions of people to achieve improved  health and happiness and success in their family life.  However, it is

very clear that  patriotic-minded citizens in South Carolina need a well organized goal-oriented program that

can help them work together in an efficient and effective manner to progress as a team toward helping other

patriotic Americans work toward achieving these very desirable noble objectives.

Americans4Justice was developed to help fill this obvious need for more patriotic-minded leadership and guidance for

good, fair-minded, patriotic Americans who are willing and able to join with other Americans to help defend and protect

America from its many socialistic-minded and communistic-minded enemies at home and abroad.  We understand that

socialistic objectives have some reasonable and desirable features that can be very beneficial to the public at large and

most especially beneficial to those at the lower end of the economic sector of American society.  However, we also realize

that socialism can be very dangerous for freedom loving people because it can gradually lead into government growth

that slowly and silently moves toward more and more government controls over the general population (society).  That

process can continue over time until the people at large have been effectively enslaved by their government masters

There are many instances of this situations in mankind's recorded history.  Think about the socialistic changes in

Germany in the 1930's and 1940's under Hitler's increasingly dominant.control.  Think about what happened to the people

of Russia when socialism and communism was taking more and more control through brutal armed aggression to

consolidate control over the people. Think about the extremely brutal tactics used by the Chinese government to dictatorially

control the people.  Think about the stark differences in the way people in South Korea live compared to the incredibly bad

and undesirable way that their neighbors live under the the extremely ruthless domineering North Korean government type

controls that have made that country an extremely undesirable place to live.

Americans4Justice specifically helps our members develop a better understanding of these very important governmental

concepts because we understand that people who do not understand major important concepts about human history

are very likely doomed to repeat the tragic mistakes of the past (subjugation, domination, and slavery through the

slippery slopes of socialism, communism. and fascism).

Americans4Justice also helps fill the great need for additional patriotic-minded leadership by providing essential

programs that can substantially improve the physical health and emotional strength of our members individually, and also

help our members develop healthier family members (spouse and children living at home with their parents).  We also

provide additional leadership and organizational skills that can enable our members to be better managers of their own

families first (charity begins at home).  They can then be more effective in helping us build better teamwork in our club


We also work to develop more effective coordination guidance that can quickly help many patriotic-minded

American citizens living in South Carolina join together to develop a politically powerful teamwork effort for achievement of

the desirable goals presented in our A4J objectives

Striving together as an effective team, our members can help achieve the specific objectives listed below.  Those cumulative

actions will enable our Patriotic-minded Team Members to help build an even better America for our own generation, and

for our children and our grandchildren, and then for future generations of Americans.  We plan to expand our operation into

other southern states at some point in the future, and perhaps nation wide, but we will focus our efforts in South Carolina

until we have developed a strong team of patriotic members in this state.

The quote below shows that Thomas Jefferson understood the imperative need to educate ordinary citizens about

important political and governmental issues and functions, and he surely understood that this need would continue into each

new generation of American citizens.

      "I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education.  This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power." 
This remarkable statement, expressing the genius and wisdom of his understanding of human nature, relevant to governmental authority, control, and power, is taken from a letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote to William Charles Jarvis on September 28, 1820.  Reference:  The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Memorial Edition, Lipscomb and Berg, eds., vol. 15 (page 278)


Our Education Programs

Our Americans4Justice education programs utilize the infrastructure of several very successful companies - some are

multi-million dollar companies that have been in business in America for many years.  Our members will have easy access

to remarkable programs that can help them acquire exceptionally valuable educational information about several  very

important subjects, including the major categories of important information listed below.

        1.  Alternative natural Holistic Health Care Knowledge - Education Project Our first order of business is to help

our members develop better health (physical and mental health) for themselves and their immediate family members so

they can function at a higher level than they have ever enjoyed before.  Our advanced health care concepts home-study

education programs can help members improve their individual health and also improve the health of their immediate

family members in very important ways.  These special advanced health care concepts have the potential to enable

some patriots to save their life and/or save the life of some family members from dangerous infections by pathogenic

(harmful) bacteria or viruses, yeast, and parasites (there are many types that can live inside humans and their pets).

As you may know, pathogenic microbial infections can cause serious health problems such as: blindness, deafness, loss

of limbs (feet, legs, etc.) and many other very serious health conditions, including very painful and agonizing death.  Our

founder and director health is a skilled health care consultant.  He knows how to quickly neutralize most pathogenic

microbial infections with a special product that is safe, affordable, and readily available in the marketplace - if you know how

to obtain this very valuable and very important product.

The exceptionally important health care concepts education that is available to our members can enable many members

to extend their longevity by several years while also enjoying the wonderful benefit of enjoying much better health (more

energy and vitality with less disease, pain, and suffering in the years ahead).  Yes, these incredible health benefits are

possible in a cost-effective and practical manner for our members through our health care education program. 


       2.  Alternative Natural Holistic Health Care Freedom - Education Project.  Members can learn about the responsible patriotic actions that are essential to expand and improve availability of alternative natural holistic type health care services in the States that still prohibit these very beneficial services (most States).   

We help our members understand how the medical profession and pharmaceutical industry "cooperate with each other" to maintain a very powerful political influence.  This influence enables the medical profession to dominate and effectively control which health care services can be offered "legally" in most States.
EXAMPLE:  Naturopathy is an alternative natural holistic type of health care (it takes the whole body into consideration as a complete unit when trying to evaluate how to improve specific deficient health care functions).  Our organization understands that it is extremely unfair and outrageously unreasonable to millions of American citizens for the very sensible and logical holistic Naturopathy to still be "illegal" in many States. 
Statutory law still prohibits this form of health care practice in South Carolina in 2015.  Let's work together politically to get the law updated and allow Naturopathy practitioners in South Carolina.  They could help a lot of people with poor health, but the medical profession in South Carolina will likely fight this project with everything they have got - do not want to compete with them in the health care field.
Our members learn about the political actions that patriotic voters need to take in each State to help improve availability of holistic health care services, holistic healthcare information, and related health care products. 
     3.  American Government - Education Project.  We understand that it is very important for American Patriots to have a responsible understanding of American History, and remember some of the most important events that helped shape and mold our great nation into the remarkable nation that we have become.  We will therefore help educate our members about some of those exceptionally important events that every responsible American should know about and understand the significance of in the development of this absolutely remarkable nation (in spite of all the flaws that remain or have developed due to unethical selfish actions by people in positions of power).
    4.  Financial Planning and Estate Planning - Education Project.  Members are provided with vital information about these subjects and informed about valuable low cost services that are available. This very valuable estate planning information can help many families greatly improve their family's financial structure.  Over time, this information can also help many members save thousands of dollars in probate related legal fees, minimize probate administration time and frustration, and also help minimize estate taxes for some wealthy members.  
    5.  Judicial Improvement and Reform - Education Project.  Members of A4J learn why it is very easy for any judicial system in America to operate in an extremely unfair, unethical, arrogant, pompous, self-serving "elitist" manner.  Members also learn why any judicial system in America can be corrupted easily by any judge at will (any time the judge and local trial attorneys choose to make it so).   Our founder and director, Lonnie Willoughby, Jr., has had a lot of direct experience with the judicial systems in America, at the state court level and at the federal court level so he knows about these situations from his personal experiences and also from the experiences of other people who had similar "judicial experiences" in America. 
Whenever you have some time, you can go to (select the Judicial department) to read the 13 page short story that Lon wrote to inform people about some unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt judicial situations in American courts.  Learn why Lonnie (Lon) now refuses to travel into any other state in America (not even his nearby birth state of North Carolina - where most of his relatives live).   He strongly prefers to stay within his current home county (Greenville, SC - since 1977) because he understands how extremely dangerous it can be to travel into other areas, even within the State of South Carolina, due to the widespread judicial corruption that he has personally experienced in state courts and in federal courts (up to the Supreme Court of the United States). 
Consequently, our members will be educated about avoiding becoming a litigant in extremely expensive self-serving judicial systems that can easily function as malicious and ruthless extortion rackets (especially in distant courts).  Members will learn why they should carefully avoid getting involved with any judicial situations that can be avoided,  like they would responsibly try to avoid getting AIDS or other very serious medical situations. 
Why?  Because judges in America have way too much "judicial discretion" and they can easily wreck a person's  life in an extremely unfair and unethical criminal-minded manner that can be malicious and ruthless.   Judges know that there is essentially nothing that you can do about it in a practical, cost-effective manner because state law enforcement agencies and federal law enforcement agencies are controlled by attorneys.  Judges know that those attorneys are also members of  the "legal brotherhood."  and it is extremely unlikely that you will ever get any of those elitist members of the "legal brotherhood" to investigate responsibly your complaints about unfair, unethical judicial actions by another elitist member of the "legal brotherhood" (a trial court judge, or a panel of appellate court judges).  Lon Willoughby found that this situation prevailed, again and again, even when there was clear and convincing documentary evidence that he had been abused during a litigation process in an  outrageously unfair and corrupt manner - even when it was clear the that the judicial abuse was conducted in a malicious and ruthless manner.  His responsible complaints were simply ignored by appellate court judges and/or law enforcement agents.
Lon Willoughby can therefore ensure that our members will have access to exceptionally important information  about how the judicial systems in America really work.  Members can learn how easy it is for many judges and trial attorneys to willfully betray the American people, in an extremely unfair and unethical manner that is self-serving.  (very beneficial to elitist members of the "legal profession")
Members of our Americans4Justice Club will learn how easy it is for attorneys and judges to repeatedly betray the sacred public trust placed in "self-regulating" judicial systems.  Members will also learn that appellate court judges can be just as unfair, unethical, and just as corrupt as trial court judges and trial court attorneys.  Yes, America's courts can easily act corruptly, and to an extreme degree, and repeatedly get away with it.  Lon knows this from a substantial amount of experience with trial court litigation actions with several judges and  appellate court system actions (state and federal appeal cases that he has personally conducted pro se).
Our A4J members learn how to help us take effective patriotic actions that can eventually help develop much better judicial systems within South Carolina, and eventually in other states within America.  We want and need  judicial systems that are required by enforceable law to operate with a reasonable level of fairness and impartiality toward all litigants, irrespective of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, or the litigant's personal social status (poor, middle class, or wealthy). 
A4J members can also learn about the full rights, power, and authority of educated jurors.  They can learn the truth about the rights of jurors -- can they properly judge the facts and also judge the laws involved with the case?  Are the laws involved with a case being applied in a fair and reasonable manner, or are they being applied in an unfair, unreasonable manner?  Members learn how to be a good juror because it is very important for American patriots to fulfill this exceptionally important citizen's duty in a knowledgeable and responsible manner - this helps ensure that our freedoms can survive and win in an improved court of law. 
Many Americans do not have a good understanding about their "right" to a jury trial.   Unlike criminal litigation, all civil litigation issues do not have a protected right to a jury trial -- for the plaintiff or the defendant.  This "right" is usually dependent upon applicable common law standards.  A4J members can learn about their protected right to a jury trial and also learn about a bench trial (judge evaluates all factual issues and all legal issues - and a jury is not allowed).  
      6.  Political System Improvement - Education Project.  Members learn practical, useful, and vital  political information that will empower them to become better citizens and more effective American patriots.  As we work together, first across South Carolina, and then in other states, we can build a massive American Patriots Team that will have the political impact to  substantially improve the political and social systems in America over time - building a better nation, one family at a time.
Working as a Patriotic Team across America, our "educated members" can become a very powerful political  force for good to help restore the great American Dream that has been severely damaged and diminished in the past eighty years by socialistic-minded enemies or our American Republic (we have powerful and influential enemies at home and abroad). 
     7.  Home-based Business Opportunity Project we have developed a home-based business opportunity that is very easy to accomplish in a dignified, responsible, and emotionally rewarding manner, and it takes only a small amount of time or effort to earn generous Referral Fee Awards.  There are no products to purchase or sell monthly on an ongoing basis.  We are a health care concepts education company, and we lease very valuable and exceptionally important advanced health care concepts educational programs
Our members can earn substantial amounts of Referral Fee Awards by simply helping us contact good Americans that they know, or help us contact good patriotic type groups or organizations within their local community (city, county, state, etc.)  Currently, the distribution of our advanced health care concepts home-study programs is restricted to the upstate area of South Carolina (Zip Code 296 _ _ ). 
As shown above, one of our objectives is to provide our members with an excellent opportunity to make more money than their annual membership fee cost (initially and on an annual renewal basis).  In essence, each member will have an ongoing opportunity to earn generous Referral Fee Awards when they voluntarily refer the name and mailing address of good responsible patriotic minded Americans to us (prospect lives in the upstate area of South Carolina).  We will then mail a special postcard to them containing an invitation for them to visit our Website at  and learn about our incredible and remarkable advanced health care concepts educational programs.  One of them, our Deluxe program, is a component part of this membership opportunity.  You can learn about the way our Deluxe health care education program works at that Website.
Members in good standing will have a flexible option (can be exercised at any time) to qualify to earn income through our Referral Fee Awards System.  This is a very important opportunity for stay-at-home mothers with small children, and for retired individuals who could use some additional income that can be earned in an easy and dignified way from home, and for those individual members that see the great value of our memberships. 
The Business Opportunity department of this Website explains the concepts involved with our system.   Earning a substantial amount of additional income (from our Referral Fee Awards Systemwill enable many members to take important actions that they might not otherwise be able to afford to take (cost-wise).  Additional income can provide the financial freedom that may be needed by some members to become more effective patriots.  They can then help our membership work more effectively in helping them develop a better life for their family - while helping us offer a better life for many other politically active patriotic-minded Americans (especially our elderly members, stay-at-home moms, and also our college student members who want to earn additional income).
Consequently, Americans4Justice provides a remarkable home-based business opportunity for patriotic-minded Americans.  We pay generous up-front income (referral fee awards), and we also offer a way to earn substantial  amounts of residual income (additional income after the first year of membership).  This enables a member to continue earning income from some of the work they did during their first year of membership, year after year. 
This residual income can continue as long as one continues as an active member with our organization - earning money for the years ahead.  The residual income can grow and grow and grow as the years go by because large numbers of patriotic-minded Americans (millions!!!) will likely join our Patriot Team as the word spreads across South Carolina (and into nearby southern states) about this incredibly important and very valuable private club membership opportunity. 
In order for us to pursue our ambitious patriotic objectives in an efficient and cost-effective manner, it is very important for our members to be as healthy as possible.  Why is this exceptionally important to A4J?  First of all, we truly want our members to enjoy their life in America as much as possible and for as long as possible.  It is clear that healthy people can enjoy life much better than unhealthy people.  We want all of our members to become  knowledgeable about our copyrighted advanced health care concepts.   These special health care concepts present  exceptionally important and valuable health care knowledge that can substantially improve a member's health in the near term and for the rest of their life.
Our members can use these vital health care concepts to become healthier and more effective family members and thereby substantially improve life for their family members - while we help them learn how to become much more effective America citizens regarding important political challenges that may occur.  The outcome of these challenges will likely affect them for many years - probably for the rest of their life, so the outcome of these political challenges can be very important to each member and their family members - and for future generations of Americans. 
We realize that healthy patriots can be much more effective than patriots who are in poor health or patriots who are preoccupied with debilitating health conditions in their family members.  Healthy members can stay active with our Patriotic Team projects for many more years than unhealthy members.  Healthy members also have much lower health care costs so they also have more money available to work with in providing for their family members.  
For the multiple reasons shown above, it is very sensible enlightened self-interest for modern-day American patriots to strive to help other patriotic-minded citizens learn how to greatly improve their long-term health potential and also increase their longevity potential.  This is a team effort project that is very important toward our successful achievement of the objectives set forth herein.
We understand that it is absolutely essential for our members to have access to  very valuable health education programs that can improve their lifestyle and health substantially.  Our members will have access to vital health health care concepts knowledge that can enable them to increase their energy level and their vitality, and likely increase their potential longevity.  They can simultaneously decrease substantially their potential for the sickness and disease conditions that plague millions of American, and avoid the pain and suffering that would be involved. 
Our members will have access to information that can enable them to learn about holistic methods of improving health and lifestyle and coping with various health conditions. However, we do not want to teach America's enemies how to become much healthier and much more effective persons; consequently, we have a screening program for selecting new members and for promoting members to higher income producing levels within our business opportunity.
Attitude is a very important part of long-term health, and attitude is a very important factor in an individual's effectiveness in achieving desired objectives.  Members of A4J will therefore learn how to develop and maintain a PCP Attitude on a daily basis.  PCP = Positive, Constructive, Productive   Our members can obtain access to exceptionally valuable information that can empower and motivate them to achieve all they can be. They can have a better opportunity to achieve their ultimate potential in life.  

Definitions from New Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus of the English Language

citizen noun - a member of a country, native or naturalized, having rights and owing allegiance 
      holistic adjective  of a planning approach viewing the situation as a whole. 
holistic medicine nountreatment of the whole organism, not just the symptoms of a disease.  
     patriot noun - a person who loves his native country and will do all that he can for it.   
      patriotic adjective. - inspired by, showing or aimed at arousing love of one's country

 + + + + +  Alternative Natural Holistic Health Care Freedom Project   + + + + +
A4J provides leadership and guidance that can help members learn about the availability of holistic health care services in various states and also learn how to help improve the availability of holistic health care services in this state.  South Carolina badly needs to update our relevant statutory law to allow holistic health care professional services.  
A few states have updated their laws but most states are still operating with antiquated laws that prohibit holistic health care services by anyone except licensed medical doctors.  This situation enables medical profession personnel to enjoy a monopoly for health care services and holistic health care information distribution by prohibiting (criminalizing)  holistic health care services by colon therapist, health store sales consultants, herbalists, homeopathic physicians, iridologist, naturopathic physicians, nutrition consultants, and other forms of non-medical doctor holistic health care services. 
The extremely unfair and unreasonable nature of this "medical monopoly" is demonstrated when state medical boards discourage medical doctors from using alternative, complementary, or integrative holistic health care practices, protocols, or related health care products.  Some state medical boards have severely punished medical doctors who provided holistic health care services for patients, including suspending their license to practice medicine.  
This is a very important issue that every freedom-loving patriot needs to know about so they can effectively support a health care reform program in their state. Your continued good health and well-being will likely depend upon holistic health care services and/or knowledge at some point in your life.  The health of most adults could be improved substantially by utilizing holistic health care services and practices on a routine basis.  Consequently, it is very important for us to educate our members about vital holistic health care knowledge.
Holistic health care considers the body as a complex integrated unit and recognizes that trying to improve conditions at one point in the body will generally affect other functions in the body.  It is therefore very important to use therapeutic agents carefully (herbs, homeopathic remedies, medicines, etc.), with the whole body outcome taken into consideration.  In other words, holistic health care does not just treat the symptoms; it strives to correct the underlying root cause of a health problem. 
Medical profession personnel can perform some amazing, remarkable, and absolutely wonderful feats to help people with many adverse health conditions, and we want our members to fully respect and appreciate the many fine men and women working in the conventional medical profession who dedicate their lives to helping people cope with many healthcare challenges.  However, it is very clear that medical profession personnel are not trained to provide all of the diverse health care services that people need.  
We believe the public will be better served when we have more health care freedom in each State for holistic health care practitioners, services, and productsand this increased health care freedom will help ensure that more medical profession personnel will be allowed to utilize alternative, complementary, and/or integrative health care services, procedures, and products whenever they could be beneficial to the patient's health. 
One of our objectives is to help educate voters throughout America about the need for more holistic type health care freedom, and also educate them about the responsible patriotic actions that need to be taken so millions of patriotic voters can make it happen, one State at the time, starting with the State of South Carolina.  
+ + + + +  Judicial Improvement & Reform Project   + + + + +
 Americans4Justice also has an exceptionally important educational program to help patriots across America learn how to take appropriate actions to substantially improve fairness and impartiality in the judicial system in their State and in the federal courts judicial systems throughout America. 
 Why should patriotic Americans be concerned about the judicial systems and how they operate?  Do we really have a serious judicial problem that needs immediate attention by all patriotic-minded Americans? 
 When you review the information that follows, and review the Judicial Reform section of this web site, you will understand why Judicial Reform is an exceptionally important and urgent project for all patriotic-minded Americans. You will also learn that several patriotic organizations are already working on very important judicial reform issues in a responsible manner. Our Judicial Improvement and Reform Educational Program will strongly support the work of those vital organizations.
Our exciting Patriot Team Membership Program and our amazing Home-based Business Opportunity  will ultimately provide very strong and much needed support for many patriotic groups, and our helpful coordination programs can greatly increase their cumulative effectiveness.
The A4J Home-based Business Opportunity will enable members of many patriotic groups to earn substantial amounts of income in an easy and time-efficient manner when they become members ofA4J.  This easy income will enable patriots to be much more effective in their teamwork efforts to help us accomplish the objectives of A4J  Consequently, our membership can grow very rapidly, and our ability to achieve the noble objectives of A4J will thereby increase at a rapid rate.  We can become a very large, very powerful patriot organization in a short period of time. 
Lon Willoughby is the founder and director of A4J. He is now 79 years of age (June 5, 2015), and he has spent a lot of time, over a period of many years, working with his Judicial Corruption Reporting Project (started in  1990). Lon has spent more than 15,000 hours in litigation actions because of extreme judicial corruption.  He has tried to initiate responsible investigations (state and federal) of  extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions taken against him in a distant State court in 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 and then continuing again and again into 2012.  It only stopped when Lon refused to file any more appeals with corrupt appellate courts.
An extremely unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt state judicial system ruthlessly abused, coerced, harassed, intimidated, and persecuted Lon Willoughby for many years, as listed above.  The corrupt judicial system retaliated against Lon Willoughby in a ruthless manner because he was a responsible pro se litigant (representing himself - without attorney assistance).  Lon would not allow a series of judicial officials to intimidate him into silence about the extremely corrupt self-serving manner in which the judicial system conducted litigation against non-resident litigant Lon Willoughby, for direct and proximate benefit to a "local" law firm and its chief officer, a defendant attorney in Lon's compulsory counterclaim litigation alleging legal malpractice, deceit, and fraud. 
Lon responsibly reported and exposed in detail a series of extremely unfair and unethical judicial actions that were taken against him by "officers of the court" (judges and trial attorneys), as they collusively corrupted the litigation process for benefit to said defendant law firm and its chief attorney. The series of judges that became involved in this extended litigation process (23+ years) became more and more unfair and unethical over time, demonstrating to non-resident litigant Lon Willoughby that they could be as unfair and unethical as they chose to be and get away with it.  They were obviously confident that no one (State or federal) would prosecute a State JUDGE for alleged unfair, unethical judicial actions against a pro se litigant
Consequently, Lon now has a very good understanding of the extremely unfair and unethical litigation schemes, strategies, and tactics that trial attorneys and trial judges can collusively use to manipulate the judicial systems in America in a self-serving manner (State and/or federal courts) - any time they choose to do so.  Lon learned that judges and trial attorneys can easily abuse, coerce, harass, intimidate, persecute, and prosecute innocent people, whenever they choose to do so, with almost no risk of investigation or prosecution for such unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded judicial actions. 

Why Is It So Easy for "Officers of the Court" to be Corrupt?

Lon's extensive experiences with the judicial systems in American  started in 1989 (State court of a distant State). Over a period of years of litigation actions, he learned that judges are routinely allowed to operate in an extremely unfair, unethical manner at will (any time they choose), and Lon eventually learned that there is nothing that an abused litigant can do, in a practical and cost-effective manner, to reverse the damages done by unfair, unethical, and/or corrupt judicial actions (or similar actions by a prosecutor).   
An abused, coerced, harassed, intimidated, and persecuted "innocent" litigant who diligently and courageously tries to get something responsible done about such unfair, unethical judicial actions (or prosecutorial actions) will eventually learn that members of the "legal brotherhood" effectively control the investigation and prosecution of complaints about judges and other attorneys.  The abused person will then learn that the "legal brotherhood" can easily operate like a self-serving good ole' boys club, anytime they choose.  In Lon's extensive experiences, extending from 1990 to the present time, the "legal brotherhood" routinely operated in an extremely self-serving manner and casually ignored Lon's responsible complaints about the extremely unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded judicial actions that had been taken against him.   
All of Lon's responsible citizen's actions in reporting those extremely unfair, unethical, and criminal judicial actions were casually and summarily ignored, by judicial officers (state and federal) and law enforcement agencies (state and federal).  Lon presented his complaints to: the state appellate courts numerous times, the state law enforcement agency, state prosecutors (several times), the State's Attorney General's Office, the Governor's legal staff, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI - twice), U.S. Attorney's Office, a Chief Federal Judge in a federal lawsuit, a federal appellate court, and two related appeal cases to the Supreme Court of the United States. Consequently, Lon Willoughby knows how extremely corrupt, despotic, and tyrannical State and federal judges can be in a self-serving manner, and he now understands why it is so easy for them to get away with such outrageously corrupt self-serving judicial actions.  
Ask yourself this question:  What can a severely abused litigant do about unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions if the appropriate law enforcement agencies (state and federal) casually refuse to review the litigant's evidential documents (records of corrupt litigation process) and summarily refuse to investigate the litigant's valid complaints?  
Who can the severely abused litigant turn to for help at that point?  Unfortunately, with our present "self-regulating" judicial systems, Lon's diligent actions have proven convincingly that there is no practical, cost-effective  solution available for a severely abused, harassed, and persecuted litigant. This outrageously unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial situation needs to be corrected ASAP!!!  Lon understands that the judicial corruption is so wide-spread and so deeply entrenched with the judicial systems that it will take millions of voters to get any laws passed that might have the potential to enforce more fair and just judicial systems throughout America. 
Lon was so disgusted with the appalling lack of integrity and ethics in the judicial systems and law enforcement systems that he is decided to develop an independent educational organization that will help patriotic-minded Americans in numerous ways, including helping them inform millions of  voters about the ever-present potential for judicial corruption in State and federal court systems.  As reported herein, judges can easily operate in an extremely unfair, unethical, self-serving manner at will.  This is the judicial problem.

 "Judicial Problem" and "Constitution Solution" Education Project

Is it reasonable to believe that well-organized dedicated efforts by millions of patriotic citizen voters can achieve the judicial reform that is badly needed to establish a responsible level of fairness and impartiality in State and federal courts?  The answer is YES!  However, it will take a lot of coordinated educational actions by patriotic citizens in each State to inform enough voters about this "Judicial Problem" and the "Constitution Solution."  It will not be accomplished easily or quickly, but it can be accomplished with sufficient patriotic "education efforts" in each State. The solution is readily available through an amendment to the peoples' document - the State Constitution of each State.  "A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step."  Let's get started!!! 
URGENT NEED FOR ACTION:  A focused, well-organized education program must be initiated by patriotic-minded organizations throughout America, as quickly as possible, to inform voters about this heinous judicial problem.  The judicial systems in America are continuing to quietly and deceptively consolidate their self-serving dictatorial, tyrannical, monopolistic control over all Americans. They systematically gain more power and more control as each day passes, and most Americans have no understanding of this situation. 
The American people do not know that this extremely unconstitutional "judicial power-grab scheme" is going on, day by day, and they do not understand that this heinous scheme has been going on for many years.  Most of our legislators in the United States Congress and in the 50 States do not understand this situation either; they have not been informed about the judicial conspiracy to rule America from the courts with support and reinforcements by multiple legislative actions drafted and promoted by attorney legislators (at the federal level and also in the 50 states within America). 
Why is it very difficult to expose this heinous judicial conspiracy in the news media (local, State, or nationally)?   Attorney legislators have drafted, supported, and promoted laws that make it very dangerous for individuals or organizations to expose attorney/judicial corruption actions to the public.  Individuals or organizations  expose themselves to very serious liabilities if they go public with specific information (names, places, litigation case numbers, dates, etc.) because libel (published media) and slander (verbal) laws were cleverly drafted that effectively protect attorneys and judges from exposure in the public news media (due to the very intimidating threat of lawsuits).  
This is the reason that the revealing report presented at this web site carefully avoided naming any attorney or judge or identifying any litigation case name/number and also avoided naming the State involved with the extremely unfair, unethical, and criminal judicial actions that  were taken against Lon Willoughby over a period of more than 23 years. 
Lon Willoughby conducted legal research about laws that protect citizens who report and expose unfair, unethical, and criminal actions in the courts but he found a conspicuous absence of laws at the state and federal level that would provide any immunity from prosecution (civil or criminal) to individuals or organizations that present a responsible report (exposure) of unfair, unethical, and/or criminal actions in the courts (State and federal). 
Think about this for a moment:  Do trial attorneys and trial judges and appellate judges want this type of badly needed protections passed into law?  Of course not!  Is it going to be easy to get legislators to pass protective laws for ordinary citizens?  Not as long as attorneys dominate and effectively control the passage of such legislation.  All Americans need to understand that the "legal brotherhood" has stacked the legislative deck in its own favor as much as possible in the 50 States and in the U.S. Congress (House and Senate).  
The legislature in one state passed a state statute (law) that made it illegal to conceptually expose  unfair, unethical actions/situations in the news media without naming the person(s) involved.  This law further protects attorneys and judges involved with unfair, unethical, and criminal judicial actions because the law makes it a crime for anyone in the state to expose to the public such situations in generalized, conceptual reports, such as the reports provided at this web site. 
Consequently, in this particular state, it appears that a private person or a news reporter can be prosecuted for a crime if a general conceptional report about attorney/judicial corruption is made public.  On the other hand, the person making the report can be prosecuted for libel and/or slander if specific persons or organizations are identified verbally or in a published report.  Consequently, unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions are protected in either situation because of the intimidating effect of this Catch 22 combination strategy.  A  person could therefore be taking great liability risk to get involved in exposing to the public either situation.   
This very intimidating situation will likely cause most people to wisely not take the great risks involved with reporting and exposing unfair, unethical, and criminal actions by judges or other attorneys.  That is the way the system is obviously designed to operate.  Attorneys and judges can therefore get away with extremely unfair and unethical litigation actions because the legal deck has been stacked in their favor so much that the judicial systems can easily function as elitist self-serving extortion rackets 
 In effect, a litigant must meekly do whatever the trial attorneys and trial judge collusively decide, even when it is outrageously unfair and unethical.  Otherwise, the litigant will likely be punished severely by ongoing litigation and tremendous litigation expenses and costs if the litigant responsibly opposes their unfair, unethical, self-serving collusive decision about the litigation.  This is what happened to Lon Willoughby when he tried to expose the extremely unfair and unethical Judgment that was rendered against him in 1989 in a distant state.   

What Can Citizens Do About the Judicial Conspiracy to Control America?

Lon Willoughby believes that patriotic citizen voters outnumber judges and other attorneys (lawyers) by at least FORTY TO ONE (40 to 1). There are approximately 1.2 million attorneys in America (attorneys, lawyers, judges), and Lon is confident that all of them are not corrupt-minded self-serving elitist despots and criminal-minded tyrants.  Lon believe that many attorneys and lawyers and judges are good patriotic Americans who would like to see all judges adjudicate in a fair and impartial manner. 
Unfortunately, good attorneys (lawyers) are required to work within judicial systems that can easily be operated in an extremely unfair, unethical self-serving manner that is easily corrupted (state and federal courts).  The good attorneys, lawyers, and judges also need our help, and we need their very valuable support to achieve the successful goals that are needed to achieve our Judicial Improvement & Reform Project as quickly as possible.  
Lon Willoughby believes there are at least 40 to 50 million patriotic-minded citizen voters in America that can quickly turn the tide in the right direction if we simply educate them about the judicial problem and the constitutional solution that is needed.   In addition, millions of "not so patriotic" citizens will support this project when they are informed about our noble very desirable noble objectives that will benefit most people a lot.  Consequently, as you can see from this explanation, we simply need sufficient leadership, guidance, and patriot support to get this exceptionally important  Judicial Improvement Education Project accomplished in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 
Fortunately, modern communications systems make it much easier and much less expensive to communicate with large numbers of voters (Web sites and other Internet communication sites, E-mail, faxes, phone calls, etc.) than at any time in the past. The timing is right and the time is now!  
With enough voter support, the Constitution of each State will be amended to provide citizens with a constitutionally mandated right to establish a Special Grand Jury Review System to evaluate complaints about abusive, unfair, unethical litigation actions by judges and/or prosecutors.  Our founder and director, Lonnie Willoughby, understands that this is the best, most feasible, most practical, and most cost-effective way to reign in and discipline abusive, unfair, unethical, criminal-minded, dictatorial, or tyrannical actions by trial court  judges or appellate court judges, or state prosecutors or solicitors or police officers or their superiors.   
Lonnie Willoughby also understands that each state constitution (50 states) needs to be amended to provide every citizen or organization with Absolute Immunity from civil law suits or criminal prosecution whenever they responsibly report to an appropriate government agency or Special Grand Jury any type of unfair, unethical, or criminal actions by any government agent or employee, or any other person.  This vastly improved situation would enable responsible reports about unfair, unethical, and criminal actions by trial attorneys, trial court judges and appellate court  judges, and state prosecutors or solicitors, and also federal prosecutors and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents. 
Lon believes that a similar constitutional amendment needs to be made to the Constitution of the United States, but it would probably be easier and quicker to get the U.S. Congress to pass a protective law that would provide somewhat similar protection to citizens and/or organizations.  It is clear that a Constitutional Amendment would be the better choice because it could not be reversed at some point in time by the U.S. Supreme Court, or by another U.S. Congressional Law.     
    As soon as we get the first few State Constitutions amended, this exciting education movement will sweep across America in a wonderful wave of freedom and liberty and justice sentiment.  The time for this movement is now, and we need the help of every patriotic-minded citizen in America to accomplish this monumental Judicial Improvement Project as quickly as possible.
You can learn more about this exceptionally important, well-organized patriotic Judicial Improvement Project  by visiting the web site  You will be happy to learn that Proposed Constitutional Amendments have already been drafted for some states by responsible people who have studied this situation in depth.  Consequently, a large amount of very important work has already been accomplished that will help enable our members work toward achieving this incredibly important and absolutely essential Judicial Improvement & Reform Project. 
You will also be pleased to learn that we do have some courageous, honest, patriotic lawyers and retired judges working with other people to help achieve this incredibly important project.  They also want to have judicial systems in America that operate in a fair and impartial manner, and they understand the importance of this project. We are very grateful for their courageous dedicated work with this vital Judicial Improvement & Reform Project. 
Lon Willoughby is convinced that a Constitution Amendment Project for each state is absolutely necessary for American patriots to protect and defend their freedoms.  As reported herein, Lon has already acquired substantial experience trying to get appropriate state and federal agencies (judicial agencies and law enforcement agencies) to initiate investigations of a series of extremely unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded judicial actions taken against Lon Willoughby by "officers of the court" (judges, trial attorneys, and a state prosecutor) in a distant state. 
After many thousands of hours of work diligently and responsibly reporting Lon's very serious complaints, no judicial agency or law enforcement agency (state or federal) has initiated a serious and responsible investigation of his valid complaints about a barrage of extremely unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded abusive judicial actions.   Lon Willoughby was ruthlessly subjected to those extremely abusive judicial actions by a series of "officers of the court" over a period of many years (21+ years).    
Visitors to this web site will be offered an opportunity to become a part of a Patriotic Team that has the objective of protecting, defending, and supporting the best features of our American Republic, including the establishment of a fair and impartial judicial system for all litigants, irrespective of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, or social status. Members can learn how they can help build a better, stronger America for themselves, for their children and grandchildren and their great grandchildren, and for children of future generations of Americans.  

Why should you get involved with Americans4Justice?

We understand that the hour is very late for some of the challenges that must be acknowledged and addressed in a responsible manner by knowledgeable patriots.  However, each day that one waits to join with other brave and valiant patriots in this noble education project is one more day that the enemies of our freedoms and our liberties enjoy more opportunity to consolidate further their power, control, and "authority" over our lives, and the lives of our children, grandchildren, and all succeeding generations of Americans. 
The following motivating statement was made by Sir Winston Churchill to the British people during World War II, but it is relevant to the extremely dangerous "judicial power-grab scheme" reported herein:
     "Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.  There may even be a worse case.  You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves."
You can learn more about the vital need for our Judicial Improvement and Reform Project  by visiting  the Judicial Reform section of this web site. You can also learn more about what we are striving daily to accomplish by reviewing the information presented in our Objectives and Programs department.
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The sponsor will be the first person that invited the new applicant to visit our Information web site, using any of the communications methods listed below.  In the event that an individual learns about this web site by surfing the web or from some other type of company sponsored advertisement that we provided (brochure, Email, flyer, magazine, mailing, newspaper, etc.), we can arrange a sponsorship for then if their membership is approved.   
Thank you for your kind and thoughtful consideration of our programs.  Please contact us by Email if you would like to obtain additional information or have comments or suggestions that you would like to share with us - click on the Contact Us link to obtain an Email Form.  
Please understand that we are in the pre-launch stage of development, consequently, we are not accepting memberships at this time.  When we are fully operational, we will place the Membership Application Form and the Membership Qualification Questionnaire on this Website.   
ACTION:  Please send us an Email if you like our Objectives and Programs - and identify the person who referred you to this web site.  If your name is in our Email List, we will promptly send you an Email when the membership application document is installed on this A4J Information web site.   Thank you for your kind consideration and patience as we complete all actions needed to become fully operational.    

May you live long and prosper well in good health in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave,

Lon WilloughbyFounder and Director of Americans4Justice


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